There are so many AI writing tools out there these days that if you’re new on the AI scene, it can be overwhelming to choose one. So I’ve put together a list of the ones I’ve used and recommend to make it easier for you!

Here’s the most important thing, though. No matter what tool you use, you should NOT rely on the AI to create content for you and call it a day. All AI should be used as tools. You absolutely MUST go through the content and make it your own.

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Alright, let’s dive in.

Here are my favorite AI writing tools:

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  • ChatGPT (free currently, talk about having a $42 premium option soon)
  • Jasper (expensive, probably the most popular, very powerful)
  • Writesonic (very similar to Jasper, more affordable)
  • ArticleForge (generates full blog posts, I find they need lots of editing though)
  • Word Hero (great for brainstorming, coming up with titles)
  • AISEO (has a built in SEO integration, can be kind of clunky to use though)

Favorite tool for polishing your writing (grammar, editing, proofreading)

Favorite tool for headline analysis

Favorite PLR shops:

Other helpful tools:

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