Using ChatGPT The Right Way Workshop



Learn how to ethically harness the power of AI for your business (and save tons of time).

During this 1-hour workshop, you’ll learn:
  • What ChatGPT is and how it can help you as a coach, a direct seller, or a content creator
  • Why you don’t have to be afraid of using AI in your business (spoiler alert: because you’ll be using it the right way)
  • How to use ChatGPT to fight writer’s block and create an endless stream of ideas
  • How to create a ton of social media posts that will boost engagement in seconds
  • How ChatGPT can help you build sales pages and make your next launch 
  • How to leverage the power of ChatGPT as a tool, not just a robot, to level up your writing, marketing, and team-building efforts

Ready to start using AI the right way?


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